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Mistakes you should not Make when Hiring a Maid



If you are the type with little time to keep your house clean and tidy as a result of numerous activities lined up for you on a daily basis, you should consider engaging the services of a maid.


The best way to do this is to seek a maid hiring agency to get you a good and efficient maid.


You can ask them to carry out a one time job, choose specific days or engage them to carry out daily cleaning services, whichever works best for you.


You can only get the best results when you hire the right company.


Nonetheless, there are several factors to be considered when selecting a maid hiring agency.


Below are some of the mistakes you should not make when choosing a company to provide you with maid services.


Failure to Examine Reviews


Past recommendations and reviews will let you know the capability of the maid hiring company. You will get to know if they are awful, great, or just in between. You should realize that maids are people who will be in your home (even when you are not at home), they will have access to your rooms and some of your personal belongings. This is why it is of utmost importance that you cross examine past reviews and decide if they are trustworthy or not.


Be Suspicious, Never Believe All you are Told


Do not believe everything you see on their adverts on their websites, newspapers, television or other social media platforms that they advertise their products. It is wise to always seek external reviews. Failure to do this might imply that you have fallen into their trap. While marketing is an important aspect of any business, not believing all you are told keeps you (as the consumer) a step ahead of the company making the adverts. Do not let the available services listed on their website entice you till you have investigated their effectiveness on other media platforms or websites. Get the verdict of previous customers before engaging the services of the maid hiring company.


Not Confirming if the Company is Properly Registered


Never deal with an unregistered company, especially those with obscure office address. Beware of false adverts used to lure customers and swindle them before they realize what is actually happening. This is why it is wise to conduct your own investigation before you engage a maid hiring services. Your investigation should make you aware if they are duly registered and approved by appropriate authorities. Irrespective of whatever you find on their website, you might be surprised by the truth when it finally hits you.


Believing you can Get the Best from Companies that Accept Low Payments


When you choose a company that accepts low payments, the repercussion is usually that their services will leave you dissatisfied. Save your self the unnecessary stress that may arise from making too many complaints as a result of receiving nonstandard services by not using the disparity in price as a yardstick to decide which agency to engage. Your utmost priority should be the quality of services that are being offered. Also, consult previous customers how they evaluate the agency. It is wiser to pay a little more than to end up paying twice for another agency to come in and evacuate the mess left by the first agency you engaged.


Forgetting to Plan


What chores do you want done? Do you want the maid company to keep the sitting room and kitchen clean? Maybe you also need them to clean the curtains and do the laundry. Or is it the bathrooms that you want cleaned? You should have outlined all these factors before engaging the services of a maid hiring agency. Do not also forget to discuss with them to determine if they can offer these services that you need or tailor their services to suit your needs. With a plan like this, you can avoid making unnecessary complaints and arguments after the maid agency comes in on the areas to be taken care of by them and how you want things done. For instance, they may tell you their maids will only conduct general cleaning but would not cook your meals and that to get this service, you might have to pay more. The point is that you should always remember that all maid hiring agencies are not the same. And as they are not the same, so does their services differ from each other. Therefore, do not expect every maid hiring agency to offer you ever service. Most come with limited range of services, and if you fail to conduct a proper research, you should not be surprised when the newly hired maid refuses to do the dishes.  


Not looking into the Maid's Past Life


A maid works in your house, has access to your rooms, keeps your furniture clean and presentable. Even if this becomes a regular event or a one time thing, it is best that she is someone who exudes respectability and is responsible. So, approach the company and find out the background of the candidates. Check the background searches which they may have themselves conducted in order to evaluate how reliable the agency is.


Do not Deal with a Company that Fails to Provide you with Free Consultation


Majority of the maid hiring companies will offer you a free consultation before you select a maid. They should be able to offer you multiple candidates so you can take your choice or whichever one best suits you. This process is needed, especially, for maids that would be offering you daily services. More so, you need individual consultation so both parties (yourself and the maid) to understand what the job at hand demands. Do not trust a company that cannot offer you this service.

Ignorance of Cleaning Substances or Chemicals


You should request that the company providing you with the maids furnish you with details about the products used in cleaning your homes.


This is needful, especially for people with allergies that could easily be initiated via inhaling the chemicals in the cleaning substance.


It is therefore wise to be on the alert in order to avoid any horrible reaction due to exposure to chemicals that you are allergic to.  


Refusal to Use a Company with Guarantee

When a company comes with a guarantee, it is proud of its performance.


This is because a guarantee exhibits the company's level of respectability and gives the assurance of a job well done over a period of several years.


You might find little satiation with a company operating without a guarantee.

Not Using a Helpful Agency


When you approach an agency to obtain more information, note how open they are to offering you those information. Reflect on their willingness to assist you and their level of dedication and commitment towards ameliorating your problems. This is because they are the people you will have to meet when you have a problem with the maid. Therefore, if they are are not forthwith in giving information at a stage when you are still trying to decide whether to enlist their services or not, then know that they would not be of much help when you have a problem with their staff member if you finally engage them in the nearest future.

Do not Engage a Maid Hiring Company that Charges on an Hourly Basis

Even if you are super rich, it is always best to be financially conscious. If you have to select a maid hiring company, use one that provides a flat rate for their services. When an agency rates are based on number of hours worked, you can be sure your maid will work very slowly in order to increase her chances of getting more pay by dragging a one hour work into two hours.



If you avoid these erroneous judgements, you can easily get a maid hiring agency to provide you with satisfactory services. Save yourself unnecessary troubles and skirmishes by engaging a maid company that is prepared to offer you the best services at affordable rates. To avoid making all these mistakes, consider engaging Get Set Maids. At Ready Set Maids, we provide you all necessary services, offer you the best cleaners, a good working relationship and a clean home! You can contact us at this website .

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